Oenotourism and gastronomy

Bringing together wine tourism, terroir and gastronomy means discovering, enjoying, tasting, strolling, recharging your batteries.
Yverdon-les-Bains region offers its visitors walks in the heart of these two wine regions of Bonvillars and Côtes de l'Orbe.

Bonvillars, a vineyard with a very favorable microclimate, is located on the Vaud shores of Lake Neuchâtel, where the rainfall is the lowest in the canton.
Bonvillars extends from Montagny-près- Yverdon to Concise passing through a succession of small villages.
The tasty expression of its vintages draws from the limestone rock and gravelly soils the mineral characteristics of its terroir.

Halfway between Lake Geneva and Neuchâtel, the Côtes-de-l'Orbe vineyard covers around twenty municipalities, from La Sarraz to the gates of Yverdon-les-Bains. Molasse, limestone and clay enrich the diversity of its soils.
The vines are most often oriented due south and the dry climate which reigns over the Côtes-de-l'Orbe is ideal for the cultivation of red grape varieties, which represent 75% of the vineyard.

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